Dues Reminder

            As 2021 comes to a start it is time to make sure your dues are paid for 2021. We would miss you and you would miss all the fun stuff we do. People receiving the newsletter by email please check the subject on your email it will say if you have NOT paid for 2021. People receiving the newsletter via snail mail check your label if you see 2020 highlighted on your mailing label you have NOT paid for 2021.  Thank you to the members who are Life members. We don’t want this to be the last newsletter you receive. IF you need a copy of the dues form one can be found on OUR website www.brcountyksgs.org


            The Brown County Genealogical Society board of directors has decided to implement winter hours for the months of January, February and March. Due to the cold weather and rising costs of heating an old building we will only be open ONE day a week; Thursday from 10 to 3. IF you are wanting to come to the library a different day to do research PLEASE call and leave a message and we will gladly schedule a day for you to come in and do research.