Brown County Cemeteries

In the Downloads Tab you will find documents for directions to cemeteries. We will continue to add more things to this tab and others Brown County Cemetery Abbreviations
Dunkard Cemetery                                                    DUNK

Morrill  Cemetery                                                       MORL

Sun Springs Cemetery                                              SUNS

Sycamore Springs Cemetery                                   SYCS

United Brethren Church Cemetery                       UNBC

Scott Cemetery                                                            SCOT

Hamlin Cemetery                                                       HAML

Pleasant Hill Cemetery                                             PHLH

Stumbo Cemetery                                                       STMB

Las Creek or Anderson Cemetery                           LAUS

Cornelison Cemetery                                                  CORN

Hart Cemetery                                                               HART

Oakland Cemetery – Padonia                                    OAKL

Kenyon Cemetery                                                          KENY

Partlow Cemetery                                                          PART

Pleasant Hill or Mt. Zion Cemetery                         MTZN

Tesson Cemetery                                                           TESS

Carson Cemetery                                                           CARS

Fairview Cemetery                                                        FAIR

Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery                                 IMLU

Isely Cemetery                                                               ISLY

Old Fairview Cemetery                                               OLDF

Pleasant Hill Cemetery                                               PLHW

Shelton Cemetery                                                        SHLT

St. Paul’s Cemetery                                                     STPL

Tyler Cemetery                                                             TYLR

Pleasant Hill Cemetery                                              PHLR

Rose Hill Cemetery                                                     ROSH

Unanda Cemetery                                                       UNUN

Upper Wolf Lutheran Church Cemetery             UWLC

Madison Cemetery                                                     MADS

Comet Cemetery                                                        COMT

Pleasant Dale Cemetery                                           PLDL

Powhattan Cemetery                                                POWH

South Powhattan Cemetery                                   SPOW

Cadue-Mattwaoshshe Cemetery                          CDMS

Green Cemetery                                                         GREN

Jessepe Cemetery                                                       JESS

Kennekuk Indian Cemetery                                    KNKI

Kahbeah Chapel Cemetery                                      KHCH

Negonsott Cemetery                                                 NEGO

Swa-Kah-Ah Cemetery                                            SKAC

Wewenis Cemetery                                                    WEWE

Winsea Cemetery                                                       WINS

Carr Cemetery                                                              CARR

Claytonville Cemetery                                               CLAY

Horton Cemetery                                                        HORT

Kennekuk Cemetery                                                   KENK

Lutheran Cemetery                                                     LUTH

St. Leo’s Catholic Cemetery                                     STLE

St. Peter’s Catholic Cemetery                                  STPT

All Saints Cemetery                                                    ALST

Kimberlin Cemetery                                                   KIML

Miller Cemetery                                                           MILL

Page Cemetery                                                             PAGE

Wolf River Cemetery                                                 WFRV

Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery                           ZNLU

Bemis Cemetery                                                         BMIS

Niles Cemetery                                                           NILE

Mt. Hope Cemetery                                                   MTHP

Hiawatha Cemetery                                                  HIAW

Grant Cemetery                                                          GRAN

Anderson on Kickapoo Reservation                     ANKR

Mason Cemetery                                                        MASO