Highway 36 Treasure Hunt

The Highway 36 Treasure Hunt will be September 17, 18 and 19, 2021 and since we had such great success with the garage sale we are going to do it again!!! We will be open but instead of genealogy we will be selling our junk for you to treasure! Early Birds we have you covered. We will be open on Thursday September 16 from 8 to 4; we are going to be open on September 17 from 8 to 5 and September 18 from 8 to at 2.

With all that being said do you have some more “junk” you would like to donate?? No clothing but we will take anything else to raise money to keep the library operational!

Give Back to Move Forward

The Society participated in the local Give Back to Move Forward campaign with the Hiawatha Community Foundation the end of May. We would like to thank everyone who made a donation during this promotion. We ended up with over $6,700.00 in donations which includes the match money we received as well.

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